volume 2

Natalie Purschwitz
Andrew Lee
Sol Hashemi

BIOMASS Volume 2, features artists Natalie Purschwitz, Andrew Lee and Sol Hashemi. Each artist discusses a specific indepth project, their artworks emerge out of unique assemblages of skills – from brewing and weaving to sound composition and material collections –their motivations and functions weave together the everday, historical and ephemeral with the personal and vital. These unquantifiable moods are open-ended to the viewer. What collaborations become possible with the reading, listening, immersion or consumption of these artworks? BIOMASS asks each artist how they maintain their fluid approaches and creative vitality.

Andrew Lee. The Syncretic Agora Of The Song Or Nothing Happened. I Burst Apart. Now The Fragments Have Been Put Together Again By Another Self, 2021. Video still. Color, sound. 17:35

Thinking through salvage rhythms changes our vision. Industrial work no longer charts the future. Livlihoods are various, cobbled together, and often temporary. People come to them for diverse reasons and only rarely because they offer the stable wages-and-benefits packages of twentieth century dreams. I have suggested we watch patches of livelihood come into being as assemblages. Participants come with varied agendas, which do their small part in guiding world-making projects.

– Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing. The Mushroom at the End of the World.

Natalie Purschwitz. Installation detail. Unknown Variables. mixed media. 2021

volume 1

Eve Tagny
Alexis L.-Grisé
Liljana Mead Martin
Emily Chudnovsky
Steven Cottingham
Justin Apperley

Volume 1 launched in January 2021 and shares projects by artists Eve Tagny, Alexis L.-GriséLiljana Mead MartinEmily ChudnovskySteven Cottingham and Justin Apperley, whose practices reflect on their their integrated research as artists, makers, and creative workers. Their artworks are propelled on the point of magic and alchemy, artworks transition between research, happening, daily practice and materialized idea. BIOMASS aims to support these ideas by making those labours visible, readable, and archived.

“Magic is premised on the belief that the world is animated, unpredictable, and that there is a force in all things.” - Silvia Federici

Caliban and the Witch; Women the body and primitive accumulation. p.173. This book deconstructs capitalist rationalizations and offers an indepth study on histories of class revolt.

Image: Lifecycle of an average star
Credit: X-ray: NASA/CXC/RIT/J.Kastner
Four planetary nebulae are shown here from the first systematic survey of dying stars in the solar neighborhood using the Chandra X-Ray Observatory. X-ray emission from Chandra is colored purple and optical emission from the Hubble Space Telescope is colored red, green and blue. The nebulae are named NGC 6543, also known as the Cat's Eye, NGC 7662, NGC 7009 and NGC 6826.

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